Holiday Inn Club Vacations Holly Lake Resort

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Holly Lake Resort

Holiday Inn Club has ruined my favourite Silverleaf resort!

I haven’t yet stayed at the resort since the take-over, but if the customer service (or lack of it) that I have received trying to book a reservation is a hint, it will be terrible. The reservations website has been down for 2 days, so I had to call in. I was on hold for 15 minutes before my call was answered and my reservation was booked.

When I tried to contact the resort itself to request a condo – as I ALWAYS have done in the past – the phone number stated it would not accept calls from private numbers… I do not have a private number.

When I called customer service back for help with this, the rep told me the new system would not accept changes between cabins and condos and she could not help me. There was no communication to the owners about this and she stated there would not be.

When I asked how we were supposed to request the correct type of reservation (as there is nothing online that will allow this), she stated there was nothing that could be done. She suggested cancelling my reservation and trying again to see if I HAPPEN to get the right type of unit.

Basically I think they are just trying to piss all of the Silverleaf owners off so they can get new timeshare suckers to buy their product. I have always loved Silverleaf and I am terribly sorry to see that the change of ownership is bringing about such crappy and uncaring customer service.