Holiday Inn Club Vacations Hill Country Resort

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Hill Country Resort


This Timeshare is a pretty location with plenty to do for a young family. Has pools, designated bbq pits, picnic spots, playgrounds for the little ones. Families can go rent boats at the lake to go fishing or simply exploring. Situated right near the Guadalupe river provides families with an opportunity to go tubing down the river alongside the crowds. Has a game room with arcades, foosball, darts, basketball courts, volleyball sandpits, miniature golf for the family.

All these vacationing essentials are all provided and very enjoyable once you get your chance to enjoy them. CONS: The only problem is that your condo is sold out to, too many other time-sharers that it’s hard to reserve your room for when you want it. They have to substitute your room for another that is nowhere near your original room. These substituted rooms are usually way back away from all the good stuff. Hence the reason why they are vacant.

So BUYER BEWARE! They do have all these goodies to lure the buyer into the purchase. But when it comes actually trying to enjoy your purchase… it proves to be an uphill climb. And when you are trying to get what you purchased, they get cold on you and tell you over the phone, “it cant be done. Here are your only options, which one will it be?”

So yes it’s nice but I feel it’s been done in such a manner to lure buyers in. Then spit you out with a cold shoulder and leave you waiting for the dates that are most convenient for their overbooked timeshares. :(