Holiday Inn Club Vacations Fox River Resort

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Fox River Resort

Worst Timeshare Condo EVER!

Resort – UGH! Where to start! I will tell you the positives first. If you like outdoor activities, such as 5 hole golf, miniature golf, fishing, hiking, fast food – that’s it.

Now here is what we found:
A condo unit in the middle of nowhere, the closest restaurant is 12 miles to a Chinese and then on to Ottawa another 12 miles away – Cracker Barrel! Sheridan is a very long drive away. Norway the closest town has a tiny expensive grocery.

Let’s start with the Kitchen. We usually like to cook most dinner meals in, at this resort, it was a must! If only the Kitchen had been useable! The ice-maker in the refrigerator only worked part-time, The stove wouldn’t work when we arrived by messing with it we got 2 of the 4 burners to work. NO Garbage disposal! Bathroom size trash can. Mismatched dishes. No serving dishes only mixing bowls. The drawer that held the utensils fell out of the cabinet every time you opened the drawer. Nothing to heat water in. No Washer or Dryer.

Main room. All the furniture in this condo is rustic – made from twigs and sticks! The TV is on a side table with the DVD player sitting on the floor. Dirt and dust everywhere, vents, fans, corners. Chipping paint everywhere. Sweeper, mop, dustpan. broom sitting out in the main room next to the TV. Terrible silk dirty flower arrangements. Seating at a creaking table for 4 only – unit sleeps 6. But no bathroom for 6 unless they go through one of the bedrooms!

Master Bedroom. NO enclosed bathroom! Jetted tub with cloth curtains around it. The hot and cold water was plumbed backwards so you got hot water when you thought you were going to get cold – ouch! The handheld shower that was impossible to use except while sitting in the tub but then you couldn’t turn on the shower without turning off the water, so you couldn’t adjust the temp before turning on the hand shower – ouch! The floor of the tub gave each time you stepped on it. No towel racks except a very small one next to the toilet in the toilet room. Ugly brown water spots on the ceiling above the tub. No storage around the small sink. No closet – Armoire like the cabinet to hang clothes. Toilet Room – so small that you could not sit on the toilet and close the door. You need to straddle the toilet standing close the door and then sit – reverse process to get out of this claustrophobic space! And don’t look behind the door – because housekeeping doesn’t! Hard as a rock bed! One bedside table only – another side of bed uses the floor!

Lockout bedroom- This is the smallest lockout one-bedroom we have ever seen! TV in a cabinet so short that you couldn’t see it from the bed – we moved it to the top of the cabinet. Drawers in “Armoire” cabinet fell out each time you tried to open a drawer. The “mini” kitchen did not have any equipment, dishes or utensils. The bathroom had warm water only. The ceiling in the bathroom had been only half painted – white and brown unique decor! 2 flat pillows only. The worst was that the Thermostat was a dummy – it did not control anything.

Unless you have no choice, do not waste your timeshare trade on this disaster. If you need to stay in the area, stay at The Lodge at Starved Lake park or Big Bear Resort outside of Utica.