Holiday Inn Club Vacations Cape Canaveral Beach Resort

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Cape Canaveral Beach Resort

I love to travel. I am also a top contributor to Tripadvisor. If you read my other reviews, you will find that I tend to write positive reviews. That is my bias. It takes a really bad service to motivate me to write something bad. My wife and I had a REALLY bad experience at the Holiday InnClub Vacations Cape Canaveral Beach Resort.

I am also an IHG Platinum Elite Rewards member. I usually love my stays at a Holiday Inn facility. My experience at this “resort” actually caused me to rethink my IHG membership. Holiday Inn owns this place; they own the problems!

First, to be fair, I will list the “GOOD.”

Nice location. Good restaurants nearby. Close to the beach and to the space center. The place has a small but nice 9-hole mini golf course. The waterpark is large enough to keep kids busy for several hours. Free movies.

Now to the “BAD”.

My wife and I were given a small studio. It was not clean. The place looked as if it had been ridden hard and put away wet.

While the hotel passes itself off as a resort, I am sure that it falls at the bottom end of that definition. I have stayed at some nice resorts. They pamper you. They make sure that the room is a cut above. Not so at the Holiday Inn Club Vacations Cape Canaveral Beach Resort.

• At this place they have a sign that tells you to where to take your trash, if you want it emptied. • Want clean linens? Carry your towels and sheets to the first floor, find the supply room and someone will load you up and you carry the stuff back to your room. • Want your bed made? Make it yourself.

Pampered? A resort? Nice? If you want those things, look elsewhere.

The “UGLY”. This place sells vacation timeshares.

You can stay here on the cheap if you submit yourself to a “two-hour” presentation. My wife and I signed up to take the tour. I tried for over a year to get the confirmation paperwork! I finally lost my temper and told the person on the other end of the phone that the place appeared to be run by Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Duffy Duck! What is so hard about sending a simple confirmation notice?

I was going to be on an extended vacation with multiple stops. I wanted confirmation. Finally, I got it after literally hours on the phone with these folks. How they stay in business, heaven only knows!

I live in Wisconsin. After driving two and a half days to get to the hotel, a friend who was meeting me at the resort called to inform me that I didn’t have a reservation. Really! He checked to see if I had arrived yet.

He was told that they didn’t have anyone by my name staying there. (Remember my wanting a confirmation?) I was to be there four nights and five days. I was less than two hours away! I had to make another call. I was told by the hotel that I had cancelled my reservation that morning! Long story short. It was speed week at Daytona. It is obvious, they had bumped me in favour of someone else.

I was told the place was full up and I was out of luck. That wasn’t the right answer! Eventually, they decided that they probably needed to bump someone else and give my wife and I a room. They did. (They did waive our having to go through their time-share presentation.) The desk manager told me that I had been bumped due to a computer glitch. Do you believe that? Neither do I. The excuse only added to my offence and anger.

This was a nightmare that cost me money, hours of time and a great deal of frustration. I will be back in Florida next winter. However, I will never stay at the Holiday Inn Club VacationsCape Canaveral Beach Resort again, nor would I recommend it to my worst enemy. Take my word, if you are looking for a nice resort in Florida, this place doesn’t qualify. Look elsewhere!