Holiday Inn Club Vacations At Lake Geneva Resort

Holiday Inn Club Vacations At Lake Geneva Resort

Don’t Expect a GRAND Experience

We were told to stay at the Holiday Inn Club on the Grand Geneva grounds because it was more affordable and guests could utilize all amenities at the Grand Geneva. Well, this was not our experience; it started off with rude front desk staff at check in, simply handing us our keys and a very basic map of the large grounds. We had to find our room on our own, which was located in 1 of the 5 buildings at the Holiday Inn Club.

Apparently, there is a trolley that will pick up guests and drive throughout the grounds making numerous stops along the way; we found this out from another guest on our last day.

The only nice feature of the Grand Geneva Resort was the text option to the front desk. Though we didn’t have to sit on hold waiting for someone to assist us, we did have to wait 20-60 minutes to get a text response.

When asking about brochures and recommendations for activities in the area, we were directed to the front desk. A staff member did not know what we were asking for and referred us to the concierge(Isn’t that the definition of concierge), who did not give us the time of day to even ask a question. 2 managers came over to assist and were resistant to giving us any brochures, but we were finally able to get 1 brochure and 1 coupon.

We ended up getting all of our local information from the scooter rental store from an employee of the Grand Geneva during the winter season. SO very helpful! Definitely, recommend the scooter rentals!

When using the text feature to ask for clean towels (since the Holiday Inn Club isn’t serviced during your stay), we waited 20 minutes for a response, then another 60 minutes to have towel brought to our room. Good thing we asked before showering!

After our first night and multiple issues, we received a text asking to rate our stay. In efforts to be positive, I rated a 6 and was immediately told a manager would be calling. This never occurred during our 3 night stay.

We must have looked like a “family” couple because we had 2 families with 4 children each staying on both sides of us, 1 in the adjoining room. Yes, as a couple we would LOVE to stay up all night listening to screaming children from all walls!

Don’t park ANYWHERE near grass or your car will be stained with whatever glue-based fertilizer they put in the sprinkler system. It took 2 Ultimate car washes and a hand washing to get the water stains off my brand new car!

We were never told if there was express checkout, so I asked via text. The response was yes. Nothing more, so I said we’d be gone by 10am and were never returning. The response was would you like a manager to call you? My answer: that would be excellent, which apparently meant absolutely not because we never received a call, not even 3 business days after we checked out.

When we called to speak with a manager, all of our concerns were brushed off, stating “We don’t service the Holiday Inn Club.” So who does service the holiday inn club? Does it run on it’s own? Are our towels and linens even cleaned?

Please take our word, our experience and stay anywhere else!