Holiday Inn Club Vacations At Desert Club Resort

Holiday Inn Club Vacations At Desert Club Resort

IHG Rewards members BEWARE!

If you think being a SPIRE member, spending tens of thousands a year on this one company, is going to get you any latitude or courtesies at THIS Vegas scum tank, forget it. They could give a RIP.

I called this hotel prior to booking to confirm they had A.) a room ready for early check-in, and B.) ELEVATORS, as I’m aware some of these rebranded “resorts” are NOT up to IHG standards.

Getting a big YES to both I went ahead and clicked on book now. 5 minutes later I was AT the hotel. Forget IHG membership privileges here (no special lines). Finally at counter surprised with NO room ready, and NO elevator. I had made res 5 minutes prior.

Prompt request for cancellation was met with every imaginable response to turn a loyal IHG Spire member to a hostile enemy combatant. Front desk management was a JOKE. All recorded and videotaped in plain sight.

End result: these scumbags actually kept full night stay charges. THIS IS NOT A PROPERTY THAT HONORS IHG STANDARDS AND SHOULD NOT HAVE IHG ANYWHERE IN ITS NAME. And because the stay doesn’t show up in the IHG system I can’t even review it on their site!!!

Don’t worry Desert Club, more reviews coming. Will not forget this anytime soon.