Holiday Inn Club Vacations Apple Mountain Resort

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Apple Mountain Resort

Employees are the reflection of management

We stayed a week at this location and were disappointed with the cleanliness of the unit and amenities but enjoyed the golf course.

– Good size 2 bedrooms apartment;
– Nice golf course;


– First the pool was closed for the season which isn’t mentioned on the website and is one of the reason we pick this resort;
– It would be nice that employee at the front desk on check in would be able to provide the rates for the golf course which they own, she had no idea;
– The walls and kitchen in the unit were dirty;
– The gym was filthy with dust bunnies and I don’t think anybody was assign to clean as there was no clean towels or drinking cups for 3 days until I reported it but we never received the cups as they were out of them…the gym floor never got cleaned for the entire week;
– On the Monday I reported that the toilet in the master bedroom wasn’t flushing properly, maintenance showed up within 5 minutes with a plunger, he attempted to unplug it for 10 minutes and then left mentioning that he would check at the shop for a snake and he left leaving the floor with water and whatever was on the plunger. He came back with a snake 20 minutes later and went at it for 10-15 minutes without success and left stating that we might have to move to another unit, leaving once again water and whatever was one the snake. He came back with somebody else and they tried for 15 minutes without success stating they would check with the supervisor, once again leaving a mess. The supervisor and the employee showed back up about 1 hour later and decided to change the toilet, they carried it through the entire apartment (without plastic underneath) dripping liquid all the way to the outside, how hard it would have been to request or bring a garbage bag to prevent all this mess. It was clear at that point that we were not going to call for maintenance anymore.
– We tried to purchase static control sheets (bounce) for laundry from the store but once again they were out (same as the drinking cups)… I suppose nobody keeps a store inventory of necessary items…

In conclusion, if the resort is not going to give the same customer service as during the busy seasons do not open this resort at all in the winter months. It was our first visit to a Holiday Inn vacation resort and were expecting the same standard of excellence proven by this company in the industry but left disappointed.