The Grand at Trafalgar Square London

Bad News – This is NOT a 4-Star hotel

This should be your last resort for a hotel in the Covent Garden / Trafalgar area. Very disappointed. Save your money and go elsewhere.

1) The location is good but all of the hotel’s other amenities were very sub-par
2) There is no valet for cars nor could we find any assistance for our bags. When we asked the front desk they were very snippy about getting us assistance with the bags as if we were annoying them (this attitude would repeat itself throughout our stay)
3) The people at the front desk were gruff and downright rude at times; couldn’t even be bothered to put some postcards in the mail. They made it very clear that our satisfaction was not a priority. I’ve never seen a more unhappy set of employees.
4) The hotel maid service never cleaned our room, even when I specifically asked to have it cleaned; the maid said “don’t worry about it” But it was never cleaned for 3 days (and we did not have the Do Not Disturb sign on the door)
5) They offer after-hours room service but it’s complicated to obtain
6) The room decor was old (no updates had been done in a very long time, the rug was old and worn, the bed was hard) and the room and bathroom were generally not clean
7) The pillows were hard
8) The bathroom grout was mouldy and the shower curtain was cheap
9) The toilet paper was newspaper grade (this is such an easy fix so if a hotel provides very cheap toilet paper, they are doing it without regard for guests)
10) There was no available bar/restaurant because they had multiple wedding and corporate bookings, so guests were out of luck and treated rudely to get out of the area

This was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had at a hotel. There is NO WAY these 4-star reviews from others are accurate. You can’t have this type of systemic service problems and be a 4 Star hotel.

Best decision is not to gamble and go elsewhere.