Grand Leoniki Residence

Off season is no excuse for poor service

We cashed in some RCI points to stay here and were told many things would be closed.

We also were told its a report of International Distinction. After reading the reviews we booked Leoniki residence. We were told we were being upgraded to the Grand Leoniki. Even though we requested to remain at what we booked and not be upgraded our request was denied.

When we got to our room there was dirt and hoar still on the tile. The front desk after not believing me finally found a housekeeper to come clean the floor but warned me the type of tile is always in that condition.

The housekeeper arrived used a mop and pushed the dirt around. I am not sure why a broom and dustpan or sweeper were not used but it did explain why the floor is always dirty. Upon heading to dinner, I showed the front desk a picture of some tissue swiped on the floor and he still wouldn’t admit the floor was dirty.

Next step was to check out the surroundings. The pictures you see online are available for some units but from our unit, we see the back yard of a private residence filled with garbage and barking dog overtime he saw one of us on our patio. When I asked for information on wineries the front desk requested I visit the concierge. I waited quietly until she was off the phone. When I asked for information she stated I am closing for the season on Nov 1 (3 days away) and will not be able to help you.

I understand she may be out of brochures but I must say it the 1st time I have ever heard I can’t help at all.

As in many greek places, there are numerous cats everywhere. But this is the only place we stayed where they could be heard every night from our room. Maybe the neighbour dog made them nervous. The parking situation is another nightmare.

We understand a garage is there but only the Leoniki Residents park there, and since we only booked at this place but were upgraded, the car was relegated to street parking or what little you could find. The upside, the community is wonderful But I would not recommend this establishment or any Greco Hotels to anyone.