Grand Holidays Club

Grand Holidays Club

These scammers have started again located in Lanzarote, Costa Teguise in the Oasis Lanzarote Club. The technique to get people through the door, Oh! Look guys you have won a prize all you have to do is listen to some guy for 30 minutes and it’s yours. It was actually boredom that made us go in to waste sometime.

They then take your details and then the waffle begins, you are taken to the nicest room on the site and told this is what to expect from their company and then shown what the Thomson Holiday Makers get, obviously they are chalk and cheese and in fact the rooms we seen were really manky and stinking.

Richard the Salesman at first seemed genuine, talking quite freely in front of other holidaymakers regarding what was on offer. The cost for what I am about to list was £3400 to be paid immediately was for 4 weeks holidays in top resorts worldwide with A Class service from Start to finish, wait for it, upgraded to five weeks (which can be split weekly) because our “Prize” was a Holiday. However, and the part that caught me was that on top of this for 3 years we could get cheap flights and rooms for family and friends for an unlimited amount of times. But we had to pay immediately!

The site for the holidays was which is again a dummy site but feel free to sign in as Richard gave me both the username “GHSterling” and Password “GHCks2014”.

The site for the flights was Skyscanner which most people already use, however prices coming up on their Skyscanner site was so much cheaper than normal. (Another dummy site) and to top it off Richard stated that they were the only ones that could view flight prices one year in advance. Unfortunately another lie!! Top tip everyone, on Skyscanner at the from and to dates, just double click on the calendar icon and voila a pop up box appears with varying choices including the whole year.

Without going through the whole rigmarole, within a week there lame attempts at excuses of admin people sick, computers not working, it became apparent this was a big sham which has been admitted by the Salesman Richard who has told me it’s quicker to get a refund going through my Visa card company which I am currently doing as they have refused point blank to refund me. Apparently my Visa Card company MBNA have loads of complaints and refund applications going through reference this company.