Grand Beach

Review of Grand Beach Resort

Not a single place to eat on-site plus a hidden resort fee

What an extremely disappointing stay this was. This was our first time at Grand Beach and unless some drastic changes are made, it will be our last.

Firstly let me say that the 3 bedroom/3 bathroom apartment we stayed in was nice. Spacious, clean and comfortable. I would give 4-5 stars based on the room alone. It is very close to Disneyworld which was very convenient also.

However, everything else was disappointing. How a resort as large as this doesn’t have a single bar, restaurant or cafe to eat at is beyond me. After double-checking with reception that there was nowhere to eat within the grounds, they told us they have a full kitchen in the rooms and that’s why there are no places to eat. Well that’s nice, but I’m sure people don’t come to a resort to cook a meal every day. Our group ended up walking 10 minutes down the road to the next resort (Caribe Royal) and spent our first afternoon by their pool and spending money on drinks and food there.

We were also told when we checked in that we can enjoy the FREE mini-golf, pools, wifi etc. That’s great. But when it came to checking out 7 days later, we were told that there was an $11 per day resort fee for the amenities that had never been mentioned to us before. When we questioned why we weren’t told about the fee, the lady at reception said that as of the 1st of January 2015 the resort started charging this fee. We told her that we booked back in August 2014 so this shouldn’t apply to us because the fee didn’t exist at the time of us booking and paying for the stay. She rudely said that’s the way it is and charged our credit card. So our “free” game of minigolf, 10 minutes in the pool, and wifi cost us $77.

I hate saying this but I would never stay here again. The rooms are nice, but a hidden resort fee, rude reception staff and not a single eating option available on the grounds is just downright poor.

On a side note, when we caught taxis back to the resort after our nights out at the theme parks, not a single driver had heard about Grand Beach. That’s not a good sign to me.