Gatlinburg Town Square Resort

As usual, an exchange gets the worst rooms

We visited this resort on an Interval exchange. As happens every time now, exchange visitors are given the smallest, poorest, rooms, and in this case, overlooking a parking lot with no balcony. Exterior maintenance of the resort was excellent, as was the cleanliness of the rooms.

However, the tiny fridge was so cold that everything froze, and the control had been disabled so you could not adjust it.

There were no ice cube trays, and when I reported it I was told that they are not supplied for the small rooms. The beds (bed and sofa bed) were not uncomfortable, but the pillows supplied were abysmal.

The TV is ridiculous, extremely small screen in a cupboard that is too far from the sofa for reasonable viewing, it would have been easy to put a much larger screen over the fireplace and thus free up the cupboard for storage.

Given the ever-escalating cost of exchanging, plus our own annual maintenance fee at our home resort, this exchange was very poor value for money. We could have had a much nicer room, even in the same resort, for less than what we paid for our exchange plus maintenance.

If you choose to stay at this resort be sure to avoid the “B” rooms, looking into the windows the “A” units are far more comfortable.