Garden Lago Resort

Not Bad, awful location

Booked a 2 bed apartment here during July 2018. All reviews are relative but anyone who thinks this is the best hotel they have ever stayed in has clearly only stayed in bad ones.

The hotel is relatively clean but is starting to look rather tired, the lobby ceilings and walls look like they once had things hanging on them but now all that remains are the hooks that once held large pieces of décor. The ceilings and upper areas are covered in old cobwebs full of flies.

Staff were very good indeed, everyone we dealt with was polite, professional and capable of dealing with any request asked, good stuff. The rooms were an ok size but tired, our sofa bed was covered in a layer or old greasy scurge and needed replacing.

Large areas of the apartment were not cleaned and the floor was filthy.

The pool was clean and the area surrounding was cleaned daily so all good there. The biggest problem with the hotel is the location, to say it was dirty is an understatement. The hotel is a good 25-minute walk to the beach and the surroundings are frankly dire. Walk outside the hotel and you will find a bottle/waste plant right opposite.

Regular emptying of lorries carrying waste and bottles from 4am meant we never got a good nights sleep. Very noisy. The streets directly outside are filthy run down and absolutely stink of dogs mess it’s everywhere. Next to the waste plant directly opposite our room is a large carpark which is full of dumped cars, it’s a scrapyard make no mistake.

Due to the location, even the shortest walk means you have to navigate this area, it looks like the third world. The “lake” outside is manmade, green and absolutely filthy, full of used bottles, rubbish, algae and dirty foam, it is disgusting.

After paying nearly 2k for 7 days I don’t expect to have to pay for a safe (we didn’t) or pay 8 euros to weight my luggage, I wasn’t the only person to moan about this either. In summary its a relatively clean 3 star ship em in, ship em out affair that’s looking a bit tired.

The immediate area outside though is disgusting. Not a holiday from hell, but we definitely would not return.