Fortina Spa Resort

Mis-sold timeshare

After five years of being a timeshare owner, we feel we have been well and truly duped.

We were virtually forced to shorten our timeshare period but were not informed of any major changes.

Our last visit was in March where rumours were rife that things were happening to knock down the 4 star hotel attached and refurbishment.

Assured nothing would happen for the next 5 years.

Get a letter a couple of months ago to say the hotel is closing for 2 1/2 years.

Given a number of options which didn’t come anywhere near the facilities etc we are afforded at the Fortina.

We paid a lot of money for two weeks and were offered a fraction of the cost to opt. out.

We did take this option more for peace of mind and health reasons as the stress over those five years has caused us no end of grief.

The owners should be thoroughly ashamed at the way they have treated their customers and should have offered compensation at the full cost originally paid.

Planning permission has been submitted for a 15 storey apartment block, an extra 5 floors on the hotel, together with another 23-floor hotel, a shopping mall and underground car park all on the existing site.