Flexi Club

Flexi Club, Points and Holiday Club Timeshare

I have been trying to cancel my flexi club account now for a year, as they lied to us on the presentation.

I have handed the situation over to my lawyers and he has sent letters to them telling them not to contact us, but they refuse to revert back to the lawyer. they have told my wife and me that they will call even though they are not supposed to.

They are infringing on our human rights as by the law we are supposed to be under the protection of our lawyers.

They are not professional when they call and are very rude and abrupt, they often say that we don’t have a lawyer and that we are lying. But they refuse to take the lawyers number when we offer to give it to them.

I eventually settled all cost but still received a judgement against me.

Stay away from Flexiclub contracts or any other deals – you will be deceived and lied to!