Turtle Cay Resort

Flamingo Beach Resort

Poor service

We have stayed for 1 night and it was a very poor experience and definitely not a 4 star hotel in terms of service.

At the time of checking In, we were told that the elevator to our 5th floor room was not working and we, therefore, would have to carry our luggage up the stairs. The guest service agent at the reception found this rather amusing!

The next morning there was a lot of loud works going on near our floor with a concrete hammer and other power tools. We certainly could not rest and relax before our “extended” late checkout time of 1030am!

At checkout, we mentioned that it would be appropriate to mention all the loud works to the guests and the agent told us that it is on the hotel website. We booked through booking.com and we informed that there is no information about it. And the agent replied that the hotel does not control the content on the hotel page in booking.com but any hotelier who uses an OTA such as the on we used knows that the property has full control over their own hotel content and can certainly update their information.

I must also add that as I write this review on the hotel beach, next to the building where we had our room, the noise from all the works is extremely loud and you can barely even hear the waves let alone relax.

As a final touch, we were told that the hotel has a departure gift for us and to get it at the concierge. We went and we were shown a hotel photo album/brochure that had some slots inside where we can add some photos too. However, in order to receive our “complimentary” departure gift, we had to pay for the postage of the album and it will then be sent to us by post. I am not sure why the so-called free departure gift cannot be given to us on the spot as we were told to collect it at the concierge…this will save on any postal charges as well! Unless you want to cover the cost of the so-called “free gift”! Very strange concept…

Anyway, we will be coming back to the island on many occassions as we live next door…but certainly not to this hotel.