Club Flamingo - Puerto del Carmen

Flamingo Beach Mate

Very disappointing stay

Where do I start? I’ve been going to Canary islands for years. Stayed in loads of apartments and hotels but Flamingo Beach Mate hotel was the first hotel which I couldn’t wait to leave.
The only lucky thing was that I haven’t paid as much as they charge on their website. Even for the money, I paid it wasn’t good at all.

Well it’s a building site at the moment. I bought holidays from last minute and they didn’t have on the booking page written about it. On their confirmation letter, it was written that:” The construction of the new restaurant, sea view terraces for different events will delay its completion until 31.05.2017. From 17.04.2018 and until 31st May we began the work of converting the Jacuzzi to a children’s pool. The renovation work on the accommodation units will be completed in 2018″. I stayed at the hotel from 24th of June 2018 and the work which had to be finished by 31st of May was still going. So I don’t know who gave the wrong information, the last minute company or the hotel.

On arrival I was given a ground floor studio 307. The renovated studio was nice looking had everything you need for your stay. Till the night comes and you have unwanted guests in your room. Cockroaches. Well, I am petrified of those creatures. Went to the reception as soon as I saw a massive one. The receptionist just made me feel stupid: ” you are in a hot country, they are everywhere, we can’t do anything. Do not open the garden doors”. Went back and was awake all night looking at that screaming thing. Ok. Maybe I am a bit overreacting.

Next day locked all the doors. Find the bug spray under the sink, felt a bit more safe at least I had something to protect myself. Sprayed everywhere, which shouldn’t be my responsibly. Well I don’t know what happened the night after but it was like an invasion of them. Probably the cleaners mopped the floor and my sprayed areas were clean. I basically had cockroaches everywhere, they were coming through the gap under their door. I was running with the spray as crazy 2am at night. Well one probably ok, but when you have 6 or 7 of them it’s not normal. Went to the reception got the same answer. I was fuming, it’s not the first time in Tenerife never seen even a single one before and now 7 in one room. Requested to change room to the upper level. Next morning they changed the room. Knowing that I booked studio they changed to the room which didn’t have kitchen, never mind the main thing to avoid those creatures. First night and one or two were screaming in the cupboard were the boiler was. For me as a person who is petrified of them it was the worst experience. Knowing that I am a solo traveller and don’t have anyone to help at least someone could come over and help me to deal with them, not to say that they can’t do anything.

Food. I had a half board. Well, no words, food choice was awful, basically no choice. You won’t starve but it’s coldish, salad choice very poor, deserts awful.

Staff. The bar staff and waitresses friendly that’s the only good thing about this hotel.

When all renovated probably will look nice. But I wouldn’t come back, it’s overpriced, first of all and to sleep with cockroaches is not something I would go for. There are way better hotels for that price.

P.s. I couldn’t upload all the photos as they are too big, shame. But it’s literally cockroaches all around the room.