Embarcadero Resort Hotel & Marina

Overpriced and Absolutely Not Family Friendly

It was not made know to me at the time of making the reservation, but this place is a collection of condos/timeshares and is not a “resort” or “hotel” as it advertises. We were put in the K building in room 439 which should be avoided.

The pros:
the room was spacious and the view was great.

The cons:
There was no communication of the am amenities at the front desk upon check-in. We received a crudely photocopied map of the facilities from the warm body who checked us in.

Neither the front door nor the back door out to the balcony closed properly. The front door at least would latch and lock, but there was so much of a gap around the door that I could see daylight around three edges of the door. The back door to the balcony would not latch at all, so we had to secure it with the chain lock to keep our one-year-old from going out onto the railing (where the rails are minimal metal railing designed only for adult safety.

I brought my older kids down to the pool at 8:45pm but was turned away by the pool attendant who informed that we could not swim because only adults were permitted to swim in the pool from that time until it closed at 10pm. Had I read the fine print (or had the front desk attendant done more than just hand is a map) we might have known of the “adult only” swim.

The kicker was that we had a terrible night sleep. The bed in room 439 is old and creaky and was so noisy that is woke up our baby every time we moved. It was so bad that my wife ended up sleeping on the twin sized pullout bed with my 6 and 9 year olds. When you pay more than $200 for a hotel room, at a bare minimum you expect to be able to sleep well. We were up bright and early and I took my complaint to the front desk. I was told that the “hotel” has no control over the furniture, beds, etc in the rooms because they are the responsibility of the individual unit/condo owners. I was told that the “hotel” manager would be in the office at 10am and would call me to discuss my situation and complaint. It is now 8:00 at night and the manager never called.

Overall, we paid more than $210 for a night in a dated room with 20-30 year old furniture and an unacceptable bed, and got a few hours of terrible sleep for our trouble. I will never return and I would avoid this place. Don’t be tempted by the views you see in the pictures. There are plenty of better options in Newport.

Hotel Manager: I would still like your call and will also be filing a complaint with the BBB


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