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Embarc Whistler

A brand that needs to be more consistent

The manager Pablo Contreras is a caring individual that is obviously striving to present an excellent experience and reputation to the guests. His interactions with the guests are enthusiastic and friendly.

I noticed many of his team also very friendly, and cordial… the concierge who we spoke to, and several cleaning and maintenance staff as you walked by in the halls.

However… from the second we walked in, we were extremely disappointed with the welcome by the front desk staff. In fact, we felt very unwelcome. The front desk staff upon check in on May 1st, at approx 6pm (FYI Pablo) was very rude and made me feel like the 5 hour plane ride and 2 hour drive was NOT worth the effort.

Not only did I have to spell my four letter last name to the staff twice (Lake), I had to spell it to her as she was holding my license and credit card in her hand!!! Absolutely ridiculous!

I noticed a theme from the manager and the concierge, both whom I met later, of “Welcome home”… such a nice greeting… this was not shared with the front desk, because both women were NOT happy to see us. We felt like we were an inconvenience. This was evident upon check in and also about 30 mins later when I was speaking to a different woman at the front desk. They need to walk over to the adjacent Fairmont or Four seasons and listen to what a check in experience should feel like.

Our room was extremely small. The second smallest room I have ever been in, in a hotel/resort. (One smaller in Edinburgh). I didn’t realize this when I booked it, but there is nothing that they could do about that. I did see the unit

Besides us (a one bedroom) when the neighbour left the door open, it was extremely spacious, so I would recommend booking a one bedroom or larger here.

The resort itself is nice. But not up to the standards of the reputation that precedes itself. I really feel like since it has become Embarc, it has gone downhill. The common areas are not kept in great condition. There was a lot of construction during our stay, and I understand there was a problem with the pipes, so perhaps that is why it didn’t seem up to the standards I would expect from the brand.

Overall, I can understand why people like staying here… but if they wish to stick around in this tough industry, there needs to be more consistency and care/concern for the patrons, as well as upkeep in the building.

Good luck Mr. Contreras, if all your team had your passion, it would be a very successful resort.