Embarc Tremblant 200 Chemin des Saisons, Mont Tremblant, CA

Embarc Tremblant

Location not good, poor shuttle service

My family spend a week skiing at Tremblant and stayed at Club Intrawest. The rooms were fine and the staff was helpful sometimes, but other times were not informed/helpful about a number things in the area. However, unlike other Club Intrawest locations, there was one major difference that anyone staying at the resort should know ahead of time (we were not aware of this before we arrived). The problem is that the Club is not in the ski village, but about a half mile outside of town (to far to walk with ski equipment or in sub-freezing cold) and, most importantly, unless you want to drive everywhere (impossible with ski boots on) or take a taxi (expensive), you are at the mercy of a very disappointing shuttle bus system. Also, there is no food or beverages at the Club, so you must go out of the Club.

Note the shuttle bus: is very crowded in the early AM going to the ski area (standing room only some days), does not run after 9PM (you have to have an early dinner and keep one eye on your watch!), does not show up when called some time (try waiting in -15 degree F cold for 30 minutes!), does not operate during prime time to go out to dinner (while the driver is on dinner break) and during our stay they changed the bus (no markings/sign on it to show it is the Club shuttle) without letting guests know about it.

We expressed our concern to the manager, but it did not seem they “get it” relative to the problem with the shuttle bus!

Relative to the Club Intrawest at Whistler, I would rate this location a disappointment!