Embarc Blue Mountain Resort

Embarc Blue Mountain Resort


Poor Management = Big Time Disappointment

We have been Club Intrawest Members for 7 years and have travelled North America with our kids to enjoy many Club Intrawest & Associate Club locations, and have loved every one of them…until this year.

We have been to our ‘home’ CI location at Blue Mountain 5 times and this year we invited 3 additional families to experience the property to encourage them to consider becoming Members themselves.

Sadly, it was an utter disappointment!! It wasn’t the fact that we spent 2 years worth of points on a week in a 2 bedroom unit with hot-tub that ended up being situated in a parking lot overlooking the highway. – Nor was it the fact that the beautiful boathouse lounge/terrace overlooking the pond was closed due to very loud renovations with construction workers in and out of the same building that the kids’ club is situated. – It wasn’t even the fact that mice ran under our chairs by the pool or that CI sold some pond facing property for private home development (which will cause extensive construction on-site once lots are sold). –

Our Big Disappointment is the fact that we were left feeling that the CI Blue Mountain Sr. Management Team just didn’t care about us or our fellow guest Members at all. The ‘situation’ happened after we were told that the CI Vball court was no longer located on their property so they were not responsible for its upkeep and even though the posts were still in the ground, they no longer had a net to provide us (OK- that’s fair). So, to accommodate our own guests and a few of the other Member families who still wanted to play, my husband and I spent hours raking the unkempt volleyball court (rakes supplied by CI groundskeepers and some CI employees even commended us on our efforts toward multi-Member family fun).

We even went out that night and purchased a Volleyball net ourselves. When we went out in the morning to put up the new net, the net posts had been removed! Despite full knowledge of our efforts, the Sr. CI Management had ordered the posts to be removed overnight! Since the Vball court was not even on their property, we were shocked that they would go out of their way to remove them – it was just a mean thing to do! We were livid and demanded an immediate meeting with the CI Sr. Manager.

When she finally ‘called’ us, she was defensive and condescending and refused to provide us with her Manager’s contact information to formalize our complaint. In order to enjoy the rest of the week with our friends, we chose to ignore the issue until we got home, hoping to receive some type of communication to address our complaint. It’s been a week and there has been no communication from any Club Intrawest Management at all.

Needless to say, they lost Membership sales from at least 3 new families (not counting the potential recommendations from the other affected Member families). For anyone looking to book time at CI Blue Mountain- make sure the construction is finished and that there is new Management in place!