Village At Steamboat Springs

Village At Steamboat Springs

Some Good Points/Lots of Negative

Our stay at Village at Steamboat had both positive and negative points, therefore the average rating. First, BEWARE, know this resort does not have air conditioning. We questioned this prior to booking and were told air conditioning in a non – essential in Steamboat. WRONG! We experienced low 90 degree temps during the day. Yes, it get’s down in the upper 40s at night, but our unit, a two bedroom, has one bedroom upstairs with only one small window. Even though there’s a ceiling fan upstairs and down, there is not enough ventilation to cool the unit. Village at Steamboat supplies both box and fans on a stand, so they know that it will be hot in these units. For that reason alone, the resort deserves a poor rating.

The layout is awkward within the unit. A one butt kitchen. Really, only one person can be in the kitchen at one time. There would have been ample room for a larger kitchen, why they went with this layout is beyond me. Lots of wasted space and cabinets that cannot be reached. Really poor design.

Also, there are NO elevators, even though this is a three story building. Pity the family on floors two and three who have to carry every thing up three flights of stairs! Even guests on the ‘ground’ floor have to climb up 8 – 10 steps. So I guess nothing is ADA approved. Again, a poor rating.

Once inside the unit, to have access to the second bedroom and bath upstairs, the only option is a spiral staircase. Not only does it take up extra floor space, it is cumbersome for all but the most agile to go up and down wedge shaped steps on a spiral staircase. Again, who designed the layout? Another poor rating.

As for friendliness, promptness, and efficiency of the staff: excellent.

The Unit was near spotless: excellent.

Pools and grounds: very good

It was fairly noisy while we were there. Lots of families with kids for ongoing ball tournaments across the street. As well as street and parking lot noise due to keeping the entry doors open to let in cool night and morning air.

Steamboat Springs is a wonderful community with lots of activities for active singles and families.