Sunset Bay Club by Diamond Resorts

Sad to say it’s not good, and don’t appreciate being messed about

Booked this 6 months ago and specifically asked for rooms together and informed the hotel we had a baby and child with our party, arriving two days after but we had the room paid for.

We were then contacted to confirm when the rest of the party arrived and again advised them there is a baby and child.

On the morning of their arrival, we asked for a key and was told the room wasn’t ready? Despite it being booked and paid 2 days prior for (but unoccupied) it wasn’t available, so it is now obvious they had another guest in the room.

After going back numerous times we were told 1pm, as the cleaners were in, we explained that the room was already paid for, instead the staff tried to sell us timeshare?

You get this a lot, in fact every time you ask for something, you get asked to sign up for a meeting…. and told it’s not timeshare even though the complex is full of timeshare?

Anyway, now the rest of the party have arrived we join them for drinks to realise that Sunset Bay have put the family and babies above a karaoke bar. Possibly the loudest part of the complex. If you get room B202, ask to move before you even check in, the noise is horrendous.

So today we ask to move rooms as we have two exhausted parents and children, to be told €40? But Sunset Bay, you hadn’t even had the room ready for when it was booked.

Oh and then they tried their luck with timeshare again?

So after speaking to Francesco the manager (who to be fair was worth the 20 minute wait, and did try all he could to help) and being told the complex is full, we are kind of stuck with it. Or we can upgrade to a duplex with 14 flights of stairs, no lift two kids etc etc, and yes there is also a charge for that!. (If you get room J402, up your fitness before you come, it’s a leg killer!).

So we shall remain exhausted and wondering why we bothered booking 6 months ago, with SPECIFIC requirements (hence leaving it so long before) that they are still trying to sell is timeshare?

Sunset Bay is a lovely resort, but sadly we won’t be coming back.

You get charged for pool towels, safe hire, car parking as well.

We stayed at Monterey and Paradise Club before here, it’s so much more accommodating there.