Pono Kai Resort

Nice Location, shabby, dirty unit! C209

Although Pono Kai Resort seems nice for families, this particular unit is full of deferred maintenance and lousy housekeeping. Three seniors checked in the evening of September 8, 2017. We had booked and paid for 12 nights, and were stuck. I texted the owner, who has privately owned this unit for at least 14 years. This unit was taken off VRBO as of that conversation, so my negative review was not logged for our stay. Owner now offers unit through HomeAway, but I an not able to leave my review on that site. Sly. Issues: Filthy windows throughout, except for slider. Slider must be “locked” with a dowel in floor, as the real lock is rusted off. Upon check in, I wiped up a bit of water 2 different places, the towel came away very dirty. Dust was on many surfaces. The living room was furnished only with 2 old, uncomfortable futons as primary seating, dirty looking. We had to put sheets over the cushions to feel like sitting, at all. Many of the window shutters and blinds were broken. Window screens were so dirty we had to vacuum the dirt and lint away to get airflow. The tub in bathroom #2, was stained with black substance which was disgusting. There were tiny ants in the kitchen and piles of termite leavings in many places under and by cabinets. Ceiling fans were inefficient due to age and clunking sound. The lanai was filled with old, mouldy, brittle broken plastic furniture, one of which collapsed first night. I touched the old, plastic chaise, and it fell apart with one touch. The property manager came next morning, taking the broken plastic furniture away, replacing 2 chairs on day five! He also had master bdrm outlet replaced, as it had been burnt out. Didn’t address the housekeeping, as the things we brought up were “not their responsibility”. The owner lives in Utah, but comes there often. I am amazed that he was able to keep only good reviews, most probably from friends and family, given a free week or very reduced rate. We paid over $3,000 for our 12 night stay. We were very, very disappointed in the whole thing!