Diamond Resorts Cypress Pointe Resort


Very different from other Diamond properties

As usual, the room was clean and well kept. But not consistent with other Diamond (former Sunterra) properties. My sister is a 20+ year owner. We have travelled to many many places and always stay at Diamond properties. We expected the same treatment as we received last year at Mystic Dunes. We got a big surprise.

There was not even close to enough parking for the number of rooms. When we arrived we were whisked off to a special VIP office where we were given our keys and some complimentary water and soda.We had a 3 bedroom suite which included a lock off room.

When we got to the room, the lock off room was locked with a keyed deadbolt. We called the front desk and they said they would send someone from security to open it. In less than two minutes a very nice man from security was at the door and opened it. We had also discovered that we could not open the patio door. He looked at it and could not open it either. He radioed someone from maintenance and within minutes a very nice man came and fixed the door. They were both polite and very helpful and quickly resolved the issues. We had two people arriving by air at different times.

We called the front desk to let them know we were having a late arrival. Since we were all 50+and disable women we asked to have them shuttled to our room by golf cart after they were dropped off at the office by Mears Transportation.

This was happily done by the staff at Mystic Dunes last year. So our first friend arrived about 1:30 am. We got a text from her saying she was at the office and no one would bring her to the room. So one of us had to get up and get dressed and drive to the office to pick her up. Really? Was security that busy at !:30am on a Monday morning that they couldn’t accommodate this request? The person at the front desk said there was no note in the file about it.

The next day another party arrived around 2 pm. After what happened the night before, my sister made sure they were aware and the front desk assured us they would bring her to the room. She had recently sprained both ankles in an accident and was not very mobile. Again the front desk refused to bring her to the room. So she walked, on two sprained ankles to the room.

This may seem like small potatoes, but we always were accommodated at the other Diamond properties and thought that the treatment of the guests should be consistent across properties. At Mystic Dunes there was a hotel cart provided for each building to transport luggage from the car. Not at Cypress Pointe. So us two senior disabled ladies had to drag our luggage from the car to the room.

The car was parked pretty far away because there was not enough parking. Our cell phones did not work in the room and there was a charge for the wi fi at the resort. Again very different from Mystic Dunes.

They had some small limitations, but it was no charge.

We went from feeling very VIP to very insignificant. We will never stay there again.

From now on we will request anywhere but Cypress Pointe on future trips to Orlando.