The Cove On Ormond Beach


The Devil Is In The Details

Let’s start with a list of pros and cons for our studio unit, starting with the cons:

1. Our unit had a Murphy bed.
2. Murphy beds still actually exist.
3. Somebody at The Cove thought it would be a good idea to install Murphy beds in the studio units.

In all seriousness, this was most upsetting because it was not called to our attention until we arrived. It also folded down over the top of the only couch in the unit, which greatly limited space to stretch out and relax somewhere beyond the bed.

4. There is no jacuzzi in studio units — just a typical shower/bath combo. Our unit also had a poorly installed curved shower rod set far too deep into the shower. It actually reduced usable space in the shower instead of augmenting it. Water pressure is also somewhat weak.
5. All units share a single unreliable Wi-Fi connection, making little conveniences like Netflix impossible.
6. While the full kitchen has all the appliances you need, much is still left to be desired. Dishware and cooking utensils are poor quality and very limited. Knives were very dull, and neither a spatula nor wooden spoon was available.
7. Studios are located furthest from the beach in the South tower. Your balcony primarily faces the other tower with a very limited view of the beach. Being so close to the road, you also have added noise during high traffic hours.
8. Parking is limited, and during our stay, a third-party grounds crew (ironically named Ivy League) performed tree-trimming on a lift over the top of parked vehicles. They had several incredibly close calls with damaging vehicles. This is not The Cove’s fault, but you the consumer should be made aware.
9. The water slide shown in many photos online was apparently removed years ago. Additionally, the pool is no deeper than 3.5 feet. Also, the advertised lazy river is quite small and not very relaxing. It is mostly oriented toward kids.
10. There is a small amount of organized programming for guest entertainment, but some of these events are used as timeshare pitches. Please be aware.

To be fair, there were many aspects that we enjoyed as well.

1. Every member of the staff, from the front desk to the members of housekeeping and security, was incredibly polite and friendly.
2. Despite the shortcomings of the room’s furnishings, everything was well-kept and clean.
3. Beach chairs and umbrellas are great perks of the resort, even considering the extra cost.
4. Studio units do not come equipped with laundry units, but shared washers and dryers are available to be used at no additional cost.
5. Gas grills are free to use, and utensils are free to borrow from the front desk.
6. The surrounding area has a few nice dining options.
7. Votran, the Daytona-area transit system, has a bus stop immediately outside of the resort.

In the end, despite wonderful attractions and fantastic beaches in the area, we were disappointed with our stay. We will not likely be returning to The Cove.