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Diamond Resorts

Disappointed timeshare owner of 4 weeks


I own 4 weeks with Diamond and we have been faithful owners since early 2000.

Recently they offered a transition program to allow some owners to give a week back.As we will be travelling less in retirement we took up the offer.

I  am Canadian and had to have the paperwork notarized by a USA consulate which was impossible.

I discussed this with Diamond management and made arrangements to stay at a diamond resort and go to diamonds head off in Las Vegas.

After my husband and I took a vacation, paid for my flights and made arrangements.. a few days before we left I received an email from Diamond Resorts changing their minds and cancelling the transition and I was told to apply again. I was totally disgusted.

Obviously, if they treat long-term owners with such disrespect it gives you an overview of what type of organization you are dealing with….shame on you Diamond for misrepresentation.