Palm Canyon Resort by Diamond Resorts

Palm Canyon Resort by Diamond Resorts

Unpleasant & wouldn’t recommend

If you’re considering a stay at the Palm Canyon Diamond Resort, don’t. Here’s why:

The Rooms:
The resort is incredibly outdated. We stayed at the Sunset building and everything from the hallways down to rooms were in such a poor condition.
– Carpet floors, even though a dark green color, were noticeably stained throughout the rooms
– Sofa bed is really thin and you can feel the springs. The fabric on the sofas are worn out. if you’re over 100lbs and sit on the sofa for some time and get up, the cushion will stay dipped inwards.
– There are strange colored marks of black and brown on all the white doors – most likely dirt…
– The walls on the restrooms have it the worst. The faucet and knobs were turning brown. The toilet seat is smaller than the toilet so you’ll end up sitting on both.
– All the nightstands were scuffed around the sides and the paint on the top worn out. There were strange water stains/marks on two of the four nightstands.
– The sheets on my bed had black marks on it.
– The kitchen light was so dim, we had to request for maintenance to swap the bulbs out so we could cook properly at night.
– The stove wouldn’t light on so they had to send maintenance again to come fix it
– The AC vent started dripping water in the living room on the second day and formed a huge puddle on walkway to the master bedroom and restroom. Incredibly inconvenient.
– Found a huge roach on the third day running around from the restroom to the bedroom!

The Service
– We arrived earlier before check in time and requested for a room with a bar countertop in the kitchen area and the front desk staff helped us note the request but when the rooms were ready to be assigned, they neglected to tell us the room we were getting didn’t have it. We moved everything to the room only to out it wasn’t what we requested so we went back to ask for a change of rooms. Apparently, they do not have units with both the adjoining door (to a junior suite) AND a kitchen bar countertop. It didn’t help when the supervisor lost her patience and temper when assisting us with the miscommunication on room style availabilities. At one point she literally tried to lift her computer to show us something, lifted it halfway (perhaps changed her mind?) and ended up slamming it back down. It would have saved us from all the inconvenience and disappointment if they were better at communicating this from the start.
– Rooms were barely ready in time. They gave us our rooms a little past 4pm and they were still finishing up in the two-bedroom suite when we entered
– Realized there were missing kitchen items – could not find the dish soap, sponge and kitchen towels. When we ask for them, the person at the other end of the phone did “not believe these things were missing” and wanted to come and check herself…
– Keep in mind that no room assistance/service is available after a certain time, so make sure to contact them earlier during the day if you need something.

The Accommodations
– Be warned that the internet is horribly slow, which is unacceptable for this day and age. The reception in the area is poor (with Verizon at least) so you’ll be stuck on 3G or no data at all.
– Pool hours end at 10pm and the slide closes even earlier (5pm?)

But if none of the above convinces you, here’s a few upsides:
– very family friendly resort with family-oriented events
– spacious living and master rooms
– plenty of lounging chairs at the pool
– although always packed and loud, pools are large with one shallow pool for the little ones