Club Las Calas – Calle Guayadeque, 3, 35510 Tías, Las Palmas, Spain

If you are an owner of Diamond Resorts Club Las Calas timeshare and wish to terminate your timeshare agreement, complete the form to the right of this page and we will help you decide whether you are able to cancel your timeshare contract with Diamond Resorts International.

Under certain circumstances, you may be entitled to a full refund of your monies paid and compensation payments if you felt you have been mis-sold your timeshare.

Complete the form and we will investigate this further for you. We are timeshare release specialists that work on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis ensuring that you have nothing to lose.

We will contact you with the results of your claim application immediately. You may be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation so don’t delay complete the timeshare compensation claim form online to see how much you may be entitled to.