Desert Isle of Palm Springs




We really loved this place but this stay of ours will be the last…

Extremely poor service by staff.

We booked two rooms and had a cockroach problem in both, and one of the rooms the toilet was leaking and my sister actually tripped and fell.

We called when the toilet problem happened and they told us that it’s too late in the day so there is no maintenance staff available so he just said turn off the valve and we’ll take a look at it in the morning.

In the morning they came and basically said were lying and that there is no problem with the toilet. Very ridiculous.

When we checked out Ray White was the only one at the desk and with attitude, he basically accused us of lying, said we gave his co-workers a hard time and said we didn’t fill out a report??? (No one ever told us anything about a report or we would’ve gladly filed one).

Ray was extremely rude, instead of apologizing he gave us attitude and said he remembers us from earlier this year and said we gave him a problem again???? Lool!

Last time we were there was last year and we left really pleased that’s why we came back.

Literally, he pointed to the door and said: “that’s the door leave”.

I have never experienced such poor service and hence for that reason because of the way they handled the situation I will never be back and I will make sure to tell all of my friends and family to stay far away from this place.