Cromer Country Club by Diamond Resorts

Great Location… Shame About the Customer Service

We’ll start with the good. The location is picturesque & within a short drive from the town centre. The apartment is spacious & well furnished. The site is quiet & other residents appeared to be respectful of each other. Now, let’s have a little talk about the negatives, take a seat, this may take a while. The first few things are a little nit-picky and wouldn’t be a problem… but these things mount up. The parking is pretty poor, there just isn’t enough, consequently, the spaces that are there are too cramped, if someone parks at a slight angle, which they did, then say goodbye to two spaces.

Once you’ve managed to squeeze out of your car & head into the apartment you’ll find windows & doors that have locks that are so ill-fitting that you’ll need someone of considerable to strength to deal with them. The children couldn’t open & close the windows & doors, so I had a go & then gave up & asked my partner, she managed it.

Next issue was the fridge-freezer, it would regularly kick in & sounded like a traction engine, I imagine it is akin to living in the flight path next to Heathrow Airport. The soap dish was missing from the downstairs toilet, did I mention that some of these were nit-picky? The final two complaints are nothing of the sort. Firstly, we were sat downstairs, relaxing, when we heard a scream emanating from the first floor.

We ran upstairs to see what had happened, the youngest had caught her foot on a fishing hook that was snagged in the carpet (picture included). We’re a vegan family, so it clearly had nothing to do with us. Fortunately, she had only scratched herself with it, the damage could have been much worse. We rang reception and the member of staff was apologetic & explained that she was on her own & would have a member of staff come to us as soon as possible. In the meantime, we were offered a change of apartment, but with the fact that we were checking out in the morning & that we were unlikely to be able to park anywhere near to a new apartment we decided to remain and wait.

Approximately thirty minutes later a gentleman appeared & removed the hook from the carpet, I asked how it could possibly have been missed when the room had been cleaned prior to our arrival earlier that day. He said he didn’t know & that an investigation would be carried out. So, here is my main problem with the Cromer Country Club... we checked out the following day & were offered no further explanation. I waited five days, and with no contact from the location, I decided to email the head office. I waited 10 more days but still nothing. So, two weeks after the incident I rang the Cromer Country Club & asked to speak to the Manager, I was told they were unavailable & passed on to the Maintenance Manager. He said that it would be looked into & that the Manager would be in touch. That was five days ago &, again, I’ve heard nothing from them. Clearly, once they have your money you become nothing but a number. I will not be returning to the Cromer Country Club, I could forgive everything but the lack of customer service in the aftermath of our stay.