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Don’t stay here if you have children


We stayed just last week for two weeks on a family holiday. At the main pool they have a mini Kids club called Mini Clube. Its not a full kids club but they did have a schedule of activities throughout the day, arts and crafts, water basketball etc.

On our last day our 5-year-old son took part in the water basketball and when that ended they invited him along to a game of mini golf. I was told to drop him off at the Mini Clube tent which was by the pool and collect him later at the tent that evening at 6.45pm. My son knew the two girls so was comfortable in their company.

I dropped him off and said that his dad was going to collect him later. My husband went down early to the mini-golf course at 6.30pm but there was no sign of him. He went from there to the pool and the mini clube tent was still open, but still no sign. He went to reception in a panic and they told him that the mini golf had ended. He ran back to the pool area where he saw a family chatting with our son.

What he heard after shocked him.

It was revealed to us that this family that had recognised our son, witnessed the two girls from the mini Clube close up the Mini Clube tent, walk my son over beside the pool and leave him there ON HIS OWN. They just walked away from him, with not a word and ABANDONED HIM – a 5 year old boy. They walked away from him knowing that his mum and dad were not there.

We were very lucky that the family that were there had recognised him. ANYTHING could have happened to him. He could have wandered off, gone into the pool or worse still been abducted. We were absolutely furious.

We obviously complained at reception, raging at such a thing could happen to our son. We demanded the two girls and the manager come to our apartment and explain, to which they had no explanation for abandoning him. How could two girls who had responsibility for children throughout the day even think that it was OK to leave a 5 year old boy on his own without a guardian.

We were appalled at how blasé the manager was with the whole situation. He kept saying, look at him, he’s safe. He even said and I quote ” lets not make a movie out of this”.

He was obviously trying to play down the situation that it actually wasn’t that serious that two girls that had the responsibility for children had left a 5 year old boy on his own. He informed us that one of the girls was with him 8 years and that she was in fact a teacher. Which baffled us more as she should have known better.

I believe that his loyalty was with the two girls as he said “let’s not execute these girls”. We asked for the police to be called but this request was ignored. We filled out a report which he said would be sent to the police.

We wondered if any report would be sent such was the laid back attitude of the staff. Since we have been home we went to our local police and asked for some advice on this situation. It has now been reported to Europol who will at least see if a report has been made. With the history of Madeline McCann in Portugal you would think that the tourist industry would be more vigilant in these matters. You can understand how horrified we were and disgusted at the attitude of the staff at Clube Alubfeira.

I certainly WOULD NOT RECOMMEND staying here with children if this is their attitude towards children. And worse still, I would imagine those two girls are still employed at the Mini Clube.