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Not a Good Experience (4th stay)

This hotel has been going downhill in the two years since my last post. This time I just could not let the experience slide. Let me begin by saying that I have been a Wyndham Rewards member for some time now. My wife and I checked in early as we had to drop off our rental car.

We then headed over to the Disney Parks.

I did not receive any notice that my room was ready via text or email. We came back after 4 and found out the room was ready. My “view” can be seen in the picture attached. Our second morning, when we went to make coffee, we realized the housekeeping left us two decafs and one regular (very minor issue). We had to wait one someone to run up another regular brew. The third day is when it took a turn for the worst.

We came back to the hotel as it was very hot and my wife was not feeling well around noon. Shortly after that the fire marshal had to come into our room to I believe check the ducts (we had been warned about this) so that is fine. However, whatever maintenance did to the duct above our entry way caused a leak.

We did not realize this until there was a large puddle on our floor. Maintenance then came back to to fix this issue, this took another 30 minutes and when done, they had used all of our clean towels.

I was worried that housekeeping missed our room while maintenance was there so I called down and was promised that they had just not been to our room yet. So now we were not able to rest between Disney and Halloween Horror Nights like we had planned due to the issues with the leak. We leave the room and see the housekeeping cart parked out the room next to us and proceed to HHN. When we return to our room around 11:45 we walked into a still dirty room.

Unmade beds, dirty leak towels still in the tub and no fresh coffee for in the morning. We made a call down and were asked if we wanted to switch rooms, being unpacked for three days now, this would have been too much. All that was brought us to us were towels after about 15 minutes of waiting. All we wanted to do was take showers and go to bed, we were quite tired as our break had been interrupted by the leak.

The next morning, we ordered a pot of coffee, lucky for us as we still had no fresh coffee from housekeeping. We received a phone call a few hours later asking if we had ordered coffee and my wife said yes which she was responded with “okay, then can you put the tray outside”. I guess just a little icing on the rude cake.

We will be here another 24 hours and will update with new trouble. This is supposed to be a Disney Resort. I suggest the Hilton across the street. Good Luck.