Club Salina Wharf

Disappointed with how we were treated.

Having read the reviews we went with an open mind. We weren’t expecting luxury for the price we paid for our holiday package – just a clean safe base we could use for our holiday. The reception & pool area were all fine & seemed clean & well kept. Our room was spacious but tired.

Initially, there were a number of small things wrong in the room but we decided that they weren’t bad enough to make a fuss about. The kettle didn’t work but this was replaced. There was a leak under the bathroom sink which we reported twice but wasn’t dealt with – I don’t think they believed us as it only happened when the water drained away after the sink had been full with the plug in. However, this was nothing to what happened a day or so later.

At 7am we discovered water dripping through the bathroom ceiling. The maintenance guy did come straight away. Having located the leak upstairs he returned after a while to say it was fixed. However, as we went to go out at 10am we discovered that the water was coming through again but much faster & over the entire ceiling. The maintenance guy returned & on removing the ceiling panels it was obvious that there was a lot of water coming through. We were told we had to wait until 1pm before we would know if we could be moved to another room – as the manager didn’t come in until then.

We were then stuck all morning with a room with no bathroom facilities & water spreading into the kitchen & living areas. At 1pm we were told that the manager was just showing someone a room & would then deal with us. When he returned to the reception he completely ignored us & went into his office. The receptionist had to go to ask him about a room. He didn’t come out to speak to us but just told her which room to offer us. We were given a key card & told where the room was.

The room was of a similar standard but smaller. However, we accepted it as we just wanted to get on with our holiday. Once we had moved our stuff we discovered we had no hot water. I insisted on speaking to the manager at this point. I was very upset & stressed & pointed out to him that nobody had made any attempt to apologise for the inconvenience or to help us in any way. He completely ignored my point & said someone from maintenance would come to the room.

The maintenance guy then turned all the hot taps on full & then ran them for quite a while until eventually, hot water came through. We then had to do this every time we wanted hot water. As with the other room, there were a number of issues (like being a given a bed sheet that wasn’t big enough to cover the mattress) but by this point, we decided there was no point in saying anything.

We had been made to feel that we were being a nuisance & it was obvious that nobody cared even though we had tried to be calm & polite throughout. We were left having lost a day of our holiday & feeling drained & stressed. We decided to make the best of the rest of our holiday & thankfully Malta itself was fabulous.

I know that the hotel is about to close so they don’t care about bad reviews. However, I hope that the manager does read this & reflects on how he treats other members of the human race. A simple sorry for the inconvenience, taking the time to deal with us personally & arranging for someone to help us move our stuff would have gone a long way.

We didn’t ask for anything more than to be treated with respect & not to be made to feel like second-class citizens.