Club Riza

Great little place…. would happily return

We got roped in last October whilst in Bugibba to visit Club Riza by a street rep.

The salesman gives you all the nonsense about finding holidays all over the world but in reality, 9 months down the line I can’t find much that is my cup of tea.

Unlike many others, I have read about I refused to sign into anything there and then without going away and working out some facts and figures

They do give you some tosh about the offer is only open that day and you were only allowed to visit once…utter rubbish so take no notice

I told them I was leaving to go to an urgent appointment and as they had delayed me I needed a lift back to our hotel which they did.

I told them to phone me the next morning and after a bit of research that night and working out what 3 apartments would actually cost for 2 weeks(with one of those weeks during school holidays) in the Qwara/Bugibba area i gladly went back next morning and signed a 1 year deal which worked out at £1600 for 2 weeks for 3 apartments (£533 each)

Being the cheeky devil I am I also stipulated part of signing the deal was I needed picking up from our hotel to re-visit Riza and when the deal was signed I then needed taking to Valletta which once again they were happy to do. Anyhow, I figured even if I didn’t use my remaining membership time I had already had my money worth.

As a family we thought Club Riza was fantastic with friendly staff and great facilities and can’t find a single thing to knock it for, My 3 grandkids loved the outdoor pool and when it became a little cool outdoors we went downstairs and used the lovely indoor pool and jacuzzi. I and my son played a few frames of snooker most days as Riza has a full sized table in its own room next to the indoor pool.

The snooker table works out at 3-4 euros for an hour which I think is very reasonable.

You simply ask at reception to use the table and they give you the cues and chalk, and all they request has you put the cover back over the table when you have finished playing and return the equipment back to reception.

Outside next to the main pool is a lovely seating area and the George Cross outside bar which does fantastic full English breakfasts and various other meals at very competitive prices.

The last thing I will mention is after a few days of your stay you are required to have a meeting with one of the Access to leisure staff. As I thought before me and the wife went to this meeting they simply want you to extend your membership but surprisingly the meeting was quite short and no hard sell tactics.

The offer was to add 3 more years to your original 1 year for the price of £1400 which we politely declined and that was that the rep just went about his business.

To sum up… be firm with them….only sign if you really want to are allowed back next day after thinking it over….most of their so-called holidays DON’T EXIST so don’t be fooled…that’s it really…Club Riza worked out fantastic for our family so really glad we did it