Club Puerto Anfi

Club Puerto Anfi

“You Are Not Our Customers!” – Anfi customer services

We are platinum grade timeshare holders with RCI and transferred some of our points as well as paying extra in order to stay at the Anfi resort. Upon arriving at Anfi on Saturday evening, 1st impressions were great. The resort looks great and is spacious and clean. When we were given our 1 bedroom apartment, again 1st impressions were good, the apartment was large and clean. We then went onto the balcony. We were horrified to discover we had no view at all . Another problem was that we had all the smells from the restaurants below and loud intrusive music from the evenings’ entertainment just below us.

We immediately contacted reception to say we were unhappy with the room and would like to swap only to be told that customer services was closed and we could not change rooms until Monday as they didn’t reopen until 9am Monday morning. Unhappy with this, unfortunately, there was nothing we could really do so we waited until Monday to see customer services. In the meantime, we found out that reception had actually misinformed us and customer services was open at 8am not 9am.

We went to customer services and explained why we were unhappy with the apartment. We explained that we intended to spend a lot of time in the apartment as we wanted to relax and didn’t necessarily want to go out everyday or evening so the balcony was an important feature for us. It was pointed out about the lack of any view, smells and noise and when they asked what apartment we were staying in they were FULLY AWARE of the terrible position of our apartment! Customer services said there was no other apartment available and we should contact RCI in order to see if they could help. We immediately contacted them and explained the situation only to be told that could do nothing on their end as they only have a few residents at Anfi .

We were then contacted within the hour by an Anfi staff member Karel, who said there was nothing they could do as we were RCI customers and NOT THEIR CUSTOMERS!! I responded by telling him this was ridiculous as we were staying in their resort and spending our money on the facilities and restaurants in their resort regardless of how we booked the holiday. Quite frankly I got the impression that unless you have booked through Anfi then they would do very little to help. He once again said they could not move us but he would keep trying. Another phone call later that day was to tell us the same thing, they wouldn’t move us. We popped down to see them on Tuesday morning as we thought we had missed a call from them only to be told that the complex was full and there were no apartments for us to move to. I found this extremely hard to believe as we booked to go there purposely outside of Uk school holidays at a slightly less peak time so we didn’t have the crowds. The resort was fairly quiet even on the weekends so I find it improbable that there were no other apartments available. Every staff member we spoke to was aware of the apartment and its faults giving us sympathetic looks but doing nothing about it. We were then told to try and enjoy the rest of our holiday!! Thanks for nothing Anfi! I’m extremely disappointed that there were no other apartments they could move us to, no offer of any upgrade or resolution to our situation either. RCI told us they only had 9 apartments in the resort and Anfi were obviously unwilling to let us have one of their own apartments.

The apartment (excluding the balcony) was fine apart from a few faults. There was dripping from the air conditioning unit which they fixed, the extractor fan in the kitchen didn’t work and there were things listed as being included in the room such as a DVD player which were not there.

The marble style floor looks really good in the apartment but as we found out, it does mean you will hear everything from the apartment above!

Another thing to be aware of is the number of flies in the area. As soon as we went on the balcony the flies would arrive making it impossible to eat out there. In the restaurants on the resort, there were flies on the food so be careful if you visit a buffet as you have no idea how long they have been crawling all over the food. By far the best restaurant was el poncho, tasty food and good service. Bella Pasta was the worst restaurant on the resort, average food and service (they did explain they had a new system that wasn’t working very well!).

We were told a late checkout may be available as we didn’t leave until the evening but unfortunately it was not.

The pool area is lovely and always had sunbeds available even on the weekends. As mentioned earlier another reason I find it difficult to believe that the resort was full as they claimed. There’s no doubt about it, the resort is lovely. It’s the awful customer service that forced me to give Anfi a poor rating.

If you book this resort directly with Anfi I get the impression you will be treated differently.

BE WARNED, if you book through another agent and you are not totally satisfied then you will have little or no help to resolve your issues. We were made to feel like 2nd class guests. If you can make sure you are floor 5 or above you’ll have a much better view. The surrounding towns and ports are worth a look on the market days being only a little water taxi ride away.

I will not be returning to Anfi in the future and will recommend to friends and family that they do not visit this resort. I will also be discussing the issue with RCI as I feel as Platinum members we should’ve been treated better. Very disappointed.