Heritage Resorts Club Playa Real

Rude and condescending. Avoid!!

It was all ok until the day before the last day.

We received a call thanking us for our stay and telling us that breakfast was free the last day. We thought it was because our glass table broke shattering everywhere due to shady hands craftsmanship. The toilets were ok but the showers were either boiling hot or freezing cold. Nice sized apartments and staff were really nice. There was poo in the pool which ended up floating into our bathing suits and we had to quickly get showered and changed. Bring beach towels, and everything. They nickel and dime you here.

What really ***** me off was that the “free breakfast” was actually a timeshare scam. We were blatantly lied to saying ” oh it’s just a questioneer if you could fill out telling us what you liked and didn’t like about your stay”. Absolute bullocks. Never asked once.

Instead a woman ate with us telling us about ” membership” which sounded ok.

We saw a ” members only ” apartment which was nice but they want 3000. And you get 1 week per year.
After seeing it we were led back to the restaurant where her boss was going to go over pricing. He demanded to know how much was available on our credit card, and was the rudest most condescending jerk I have ever had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting. He should be fired!

I purchased this trip through booking.com and will be calling HQ when I arrive home to ask them to take this hotel off their site immediately.

It is dangerous and is fraudulent.