Club Playa Flores

Club Playa Flores

Don’t Recommend

Reserved a 1 bedroom at Club Playa Flores for my family of 4 through the Armed Force Vacation Club and I was very disappointed.

This place was very difficult to find in Torremolinos.

Nobody knew where it was or even heard of it so we had to ask a cab for directions because the directions on the AFVC website were wrong and when we called the hotel we got no response. The brochure made it look much better than it actually was and stated that almost all rooms had a sea view and from my perspective there is no way that any of the rooms could have had a sea view as we were a few miles from the beach situated behind other buildings in a congested area.

We arrived at night and the hallways leading to the rooms were pitch black. The woman that greeted us seemed nice but didn’t explain much to us like we had to use our key to get in the front door in the entrance 1st floor area (very odd for a so-called hotel). I knew there would be no a/c, but it was October so that was ok, but there was only enough hot water for 1 person to shower.

The twin beds in the 1 bedroom we had were EXTREMELY hard and uncomfortable, and the pullout sofabed was a joke. It was so low to the floor it was more like under the bed drawer storage than an actual pullout sofa. I had to sleep with my 2 year old in a twin and hold her all night to keep her from falling out of the bed.

This hotel was such a disappointment that we left the next morning and went back to Rota and stayed in the Navy Lodge so I can’t speak about any other accommodations such as the bar/restaurant, pool, play area, etc. And the TV (a small 13 inch)-there were only a few channels and only 1 was in English and it was CNN International or something! This wasn’t a big deal to me because I speak Spanish, but for my kids and husband was a huge no-no.

How can you market a hotel to American tourists and not have more channels in English?

Of course no internet, and they want you to pay a deposit for electricity.

No thanks, we left and we will never return to this place again. The decor was ok, not as attractive as in the brochure, but I really wish they would have had carpet, the flooring was very outdated and not appealing. It seems like they are running a very cheap bare-bones operation there and not taking the guests’ desires and comfort level into account so that people will want to return in the future.

I had a lot of confidence in the AFVC to provide quality experiences for military families but I guess that I learned my lesson and will thoroughly research any hotel that I book with anyone from now on.