Club Paradiso

Spacious, well-equipped suite.

As owners of 2 weeks in the 4 bedroom “Paramount” penthouse suite, we cannot say enough about the excellent standard in relation to the equipment in this accommodation. The suite is very roomy, well furnished with its own roof terrace, which has it’s own BBQ and eating area, and a separate sunbathing area with private jacuzzi. Views towards the sea and harbour are fine! Each of the 4 bedrooms has it’s own full en-suite bathroom, with air conditioning throughout the whole suite. There are numerous balconies giving different views from pool to external vistas.

There are however issues with crawling insects which look like a kind of ant. They infest one side of the suite, having the bathroom completed infested to the point of finding them day after day crawling over towels, clothes, beds and toothbrushes! These were reported on several occasions and the maids sprayed copious amounts of RAID insect killer to no avail, a day or two later they were back again. The maids ended up just leaving the cans of RAID for us to use, which we did as a necessity on a daily basis until it was time to come home. We highlighted this in the feedback before we left. The following year has shown that nothing had been done, as the problem remained much to our dismay.

I totally agree with a previous review which highlights the poor standard of wifi. You are given a password unique to your apartment which lasts 1 week, yet the wifi signal is too poor to use in the paramount suite lounge areas and bedroom areas. You have to stand on a lower balcony, moving your device around searching for a signal. Eventually it comes, but as mentioned, it is weak and slow when it does work. Also, the same previous review talks about the tree in the swimming pool/ sunbathing area. They are correct, it’s needs chopping down. There is another tree which is very close to the wall and balcony areas on one side of the paramount suite which also needs chopping down, as I have a strong suspicion that this is how the ants are making it up to us.

In relation to the comment about children in a previous review, we are 40 something parents of two young children. When we go on holiday, we enjoy our time. It is a shame that people feel that children on holiday should be seen and not heard, or maybe just not seen. As owners of 2 weeks, we will be going back to the Paramount year after year after year. To those with that opinion, I recommend Thomson’s “Golden Years” holidays. You can be assured of a child free time away with them!