Club Olympus/Garden City


Very disappointed in our apartment

We were a family of 6 sharing two apartments.

My in-laws had the refurbished apartment with modern furniture and air con and we had a much older apartment with no air con and very basic fans which barely cooled the rooms at all.we could have a portable air con unit but they didn’t tell us till much later in the week. By then it was too late.

The entertainment was very poor apart from a couple of days where they had some in the afternoon.

No WiFi in apartments the only WiFi was by the pool bar which was free.

So trying to keep a special needs teenager where his iPad was the main safety net and watching YouTube.

Other than that the pool bar staff were very friendly.

Even though it was all English food which meant there was no Spanish feel, but the food was nice enough.

Sunbeds were very limited. Most people bagged them really early then they would disappear.

The pool was very nice in both locations of the campus.

The reception was as good as useless.

We went all the to Santa Cruze and found there was a National holiday and nothing was open so we waisted 42 Euro’s on a bus trip for nothing.