Club Los Molinos Timeshare



Stayed at Club Los Molinos Apartments for a week as part of an RCI timeshare exchange. Had no idea until we arrived that the complex was not an RCI resort and was in fact predominately privately owned residential apartments with only 30 of the 200+ apartments being timeshare and owned by another company called Access 2 leisure.

Our apartment (6111) was in poor condition and desperately needed a refit, mould in the bathroom, rusty plug holes, doors, sticking, air con not working properly a ceiling fan that only went one speed – Dead Slow, one channel on the TV, patio doors that were loose in the runner and actually was unlockable so a security risk, outside patio that held water constantly from a faulty Air Con Compressor, dirty patio furniture, beds that you could feel the springs through and very tired and scruffy overall decoration throughout, looks like this apartment has not been maintained in ages . Even after complaining and maintenance turning up they commented that many of the problems were due to such old equipment which was obsolete and unrepairable, they failed to fix anything anyway. Shockingly poor apartment and certainly not RCI Standards. The one saving grace, it was reasonably clean or as clean as the cleaners could get such a run down place.


Outside the complex is set in lovely landscaped grounds which are really clean and well maintained with a nice pool, unfortunately the pool is owned by the residences not the timeshare company ( again something we were not aware of beforehand), and there are strict rules and regulations governing use of the pool, there is even a very rude old bloke that struts around the pool area with a stick under his arm demanding to know your room number and telling children off. We complained to reception about him they were however uninterested and knew about him and referred to him as the Sergeant Major who has been asked by residences to monitor the pool area. No balls or inflatables in the pool ( unless you know the residents then it appears ok), sun beds cannot be reserved and are grabbed if you leave the empty for long , the pool is freezing cold ( probably to keep you out), topless older women sunbathing and smoking at the poolside ( certainly not for us in front of children) and old people watching every move you make and running and reporting you at the drop of a hat, certainly not family friendly, and not what you need on holiday in fact quite unpleasant and stressful . It appears residences resent Timeshare users being there at all, and as there are only 30 timeshare units to 200 Residential units they dominate

Reception staff and the manager Paul have a could not care less attitude to the timeshare guests and side with residences each time. really unhelpful and uncaring, not sure who employs them as I could get no sense out of them.

Overall a very poor holiday at this place and complaints will be made to RCI. The biggest problem here is it’s predominately residential and they don’t want timeshare groups or families on their site it would appear.