Club Lago Verde - Puerto del Carmen

Club Lago Verde – Puerto del Carmen Timeshare

Fab view – but that’s about it!

We stayed in Lago Verde from 30th Dec to 6th Jan. On arrival (7 pm) reception was closed so we made our own way to the apartment ( a note had been put on the reception door). On first sight apartment, A03 appeared ok, although didn’t understand why there is an indoor garden in the living area with a palm tree that was up to the ceiling.

There was also no safe so had to take our passports everywhere and keep our fingers crossed we were not broken into! There was a stench of stale cigarettes which was making us ill towards the end of the week, especially after coming back after being out for the day.

The “cleaner” arrived twice during our stay to drag her dirty mop along the floor (in my opinion only spreading germs, hairs and whatever else between apartments), the beds were made up but the bedding was not changed and she basically did little else, her visits were 5 mins max.
The beds were rock solid and got so back we thought about sleeping on the pull out sofa, but on checking under the cushions it was held together with masking tape so we decided not to fold it out in case it broke altogether and we’d have to pay for it!!
The walls are paper-thin, our neighbour had a cough so bad I thought she coughed up a lung each day and the screaming kid was awful, you could hear the toilet flush and most conversations when in the bedroom!
The kitchen was overrun with ants so we more or less didn’t cure it. The bathroom looked to be relatively new, large and well lit.
The shower was ok and water hot at all times. Plenty of towels but were thin and rough. The balcony is bigger than average but the sunbed can only face sideways, no room to put facing towards the harbour.
You have to hire the sunbed cushion from reception €10 per week, I bought a lilo which was very comfortable for €4 from the Spar shop across the road and which I knew was germ-free! I found the guy on reception abrupt, the lady was pleasant enough.
All in all, I would definitely not recommend or return to Lago Verde, I felt we came back to have a rest and good nights sleep, not what I expect after a holiday!
Earlier this year we stayed in Tias in a villa, definitely won’t make the mistake of the apartment again after this experience and there was only £100 in the difference, we only chose the apartment because of location…