Club la Santa

Club La Santa 

Great facilities but don’t go if you want to sleep!!

Having just returned from 8 days in La Santa, I’d love to be posting up a 5-star review.

While the facilities and instructors are amazing, sadly the accommodation is nowhere near the same level.

We were in 265B which backed on to “The Square”. This it turned out is where a lot of evening entertainment takes place ranging from Live music to Cabaret. While on occasions this was finished by 10, other nights it would continue close to midnight which chairs being stacked and packed away at all sorted at times.

While if I was on a party style holiday this wouldn’t be an issue, activities start at 7:45 or 8am so it’s not unreasonable to think many people would want to be heading to be by 10. I asked upon arrival if we could be moved but was told they were fully booked so this wasn’t possible.

Upon checkout I gave feedback to the front desk that the room was very noisy and I was rudely advised that only 10% of guests come to do sport and the other 90% WANT the entertainment. The gentleman on reception was both dismissive and patronising about my concern for the noise and sadly made me leave with a feeling that La Santa cares more for making quick £££ than about the welfare of their guests.

I also doubt those stats given the numbers of swimmers/runners out by 8am, but if that is the case, why not offer a quieter room selection option for the supposed 10% minority that desire some peace at 10pm?

This was my 3rd time at La Santa and while none of the rooms previously have been quiet (soundproofing is terrible in the main hotel), I accept that some noise is going to be heard. But screaming tunes from Titanic and The Bodyguard at 11:30 at night only meters from my pillow is not acceptable for what is advertised and promoted as an active holiday. While the sports activities at La Santa are right up my street, returning home more sleep deprived than when I started is not. Regrettably, I will be heading elsewhere for my next active holiday.