Club La Costa Paradise

Torviscas Alto, Calle Galicia, 6, 38660 Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Never again! Avoid at all costs!

The place is nice and you get lovely views from most of the rooms. We decided to go along with the promotional week, booked flights and yes the holidays was quite inexpensive – only paid for flights but…!

Maybe we only have ourselves to blame for not doing any research into CLC beforehand but the presentation took from 9:00 till almost 17:00 in which we got totally brainwashed into buying something which would have financially ruined us for next 16 years! And at this point, I would like to say big thank you to the client liaison officer who saw big worries on my face and told us not to sign and think about it! Thank you! Ok so the deal was we’d buy a timeshare for £250 a month for 18 years + annual £999 maintenance fee and we can have holidays with CLC anytime we want!

What a bargain! Right? No!

The price is with no flights and if you read about them on the internet most of the time u can’t get places when you want them or they change ur resorts last minute!

Can’t really say more because we have never taken part but I wouldn’t fancy same holiday every year! Anyway, after initial hesitation, the deal got knocked down to the first year to £97 and then £172 after – miraculously someone handed timeshare back in few days before! This is the deal we were considering but then the pressurising into signing there and then got too much! We even got told we get a free iPad at which one of our salesmen nearly fell of the chair ( she was on the job only 2nd day! Yeah right! And she cried when we said we were considering becoming members!) The whole day they wouldn’t leave us for 5 mins alone to have chance talk about it and all my worries were brushed off by saying how much We will save on our holiday! Like I said luckily at last signature a lady told us we can sleep on it and that the ‘great’ deal would wait for us! After reading lots of horror stories on google and doing simple maths we were shocked with what the two salesmen who I thought were both genuine and nice were trying to sell us! Felt sick to my stomach all day! Please don’t fall into the trap! The icing on the cake was when we were leaving the lady on reception was accusing us of losing one room key and one key from the safe, even though we only had one key from the room and no safe! Location of the hotel isn’t great either as you’re on the hill and its a fair walk from shops and beaches. On the plus side, cleaners were doing a fantastic job and food in Zachary’s was nice.