Marina Dorada Resort

Marina Dorada Resort

Carretera de Cadiz Km 206, 29649, Mijas, Spain


Checked into our apartment and checked out the next morning. What a disappointment!

Had to park so far down the road from our apartment it was pointless having a car finally get in and the kitchen was wide enough to touch each wall, I kid you not! If you open the fridge you can’t do anything else in there.

The apartment sleeps six but if you want to sit on terrace do so in relay as it was about 2ft by 6ft with crap plastic chairs.

Nowhere near a pool oh and one bathroom for six people with the most rubbish shower I have used ever! Clean yes but that’s about it.

I’m now sat in a four bedroom villa with a gym and private pool for same price as a weeks points in CLC, what a joke.

CLC have had thousands out of me in the last 10 years, today that ends I will not spend another penny with that company, at least dick Turpin wore a mask.

So as I checked out 12 hours after checking in and the reception were that bothered/vigilant they asked if I’d had a nice holiday ffs! Seriously!