Club la Costa Marina Del Rey

Club La Costa at Marina del Rey

Would not recommend staying at the Marina del Rey Hotel!

Small rooms, valet parking only, untrained staff and mediocre food. Parking tip, if you plan to stay there though: There’s a public parking down the road, where you can park your car for 5 USD/24hrs and don’t have to wait half an hour until you get your car when you want to go somewhere.

It’s a Wannabe 5 star hotel, service and view is worth 0 stars! We spent over 250USD for a room per night, where you’d expect a certain level of service quality.

The staff is poorly trained and isn’t really helpful. We booked a ‘Marina View room’, but only had a view onto the garden and restaurant.

We tried to change rooms, but the staff wasn’t really in the mood for that and just told us, that they don’t have any other rooms. I wanted a discount, because I was sure, that we didn’t get the room we already paid for in advance. They only offered us a free drink at the bar, that was already closing at 10pm.

Room service from the bar is not possible, so you have to pick up drinks there by yourself. The bed was comfortable, the room was really small though. The bathroom was only accessible by one person at a time due to being so small.

The pool area was only open until 10pm.

The next morning we wanted to try the breakfast at their restaurant since we were lazy and didn’t want to drive somewhere to get breakfast. The waitress was friendly, but the food was just mediocre. We paid almost 60USD for two persons and it was just some eggs and pancakes, so nothing special.

There are far better hotels in Venice and Marina del Rey and I wouldn’t recommend this one. They want to be a 5* hotel, but with that kind of staff and these small rooms, it is just mediocre and not worth the price.