CLUB Bena Vista

Calle Azahar, 1. El Paraíso, 29688 Estepona, Málaga, Spain

holiday from hell

We went to Club Bena Vista for Christmas, with our children, we were going to spend two weeks there, we only stayed 5 nights, because we were broken into when we went out for dinner. They took all the Christmas presents which I had only finished wrapping before going out.

But what really upset us was that they had managed to get into the safe, In hindsight, I wish I had taken a photograph, it was unbelievable. They came in through the patio door, and there is a security gate, but this did not stop them.

Nothing of value was taken from the unit, which made us feel this was an inside job. none of our clothes, just the gifts and laptops, and a bag to carry all their loot. This was supposed to have been a special holiday for us as we were celebrating our 25th anniversary.

What a wonderful memory, so beware, don’t take anything of value to Club Bena Vista, There is no security patrols on the grounds, anyone can just wander in.

I have rated Club Bena Vista as poor from a security point of view.

The 3 bedrooms have single beds, and not in the least bit comfortable

The beach has to be the ugliest I have ever seen.

Oh yes, and should you have any problems, don’t expect much help from the police, when my husband reported the break-in, they didn’ even bother writing down his telephone number correctly. Forwarned is forearmed

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