Club Aquarius-Aquamar - Puerto del Carmen

Club Aquarius -Aquamar – Puerto del Carmen

Avoid this place

I stayed here with my eyes open I don’t expect 5 star I have stayed in other cheap and cheerful hotels not to far away from this one and I had a good time at them and will go back to them but no way will I go near this one

I was not expecting 5 star and I will be honest the room was dated but clean so it was fine for us

The food was good for me others really had a problem with it the bar was ok if I had been from Germany I would have got a better service but a bear is a bear and it was a better bear than other hotels but on the last day I had a smartphone stolen it happens i reported it and was told it was lost not stolen I said no it was stolen and the receptionist got a bit funny and walked off and told me if I did not shut up I would be chucked out I said I wanted to report it to the police and was told I needed to pay 60 euros for an interpreter just to report it I got more argumentative and I was refused drinks whilst others were served and did not get any breakfast at one point during the evening the manager even offered me outside the hotel

So yes the beer is good the room was clean but in a very bad way lots of broken tiles and bits and a thief was working the rooms but the managers really don’t care and I just wish my wife had not stopped me going outside his hotel as about 4 others who had had stuff stolen wanted to follow yes I will go back to the resort but I will go back to the place I have been 3 times before the flora apartments the same price much better customer service really good food good bear but about 4 extra mins walk from the beach don’t even look any more its not worth it don’t risk your holiday you have worked hard for it