CLC Regal Oaks Resort

CLC Regal Oaks Resort

Disgusting blood stained and urine covered mattress.

We arrived at Regal Oaks a couple hours early, but they did not give us our room until exactly 4.

They did provide towels so we could use the pool. The pool was very nice and warm.

When we got to our room, we started unpacking and after we unpacked we noticed there were ants crawling on the counter in the bathroom all over our stuff. And lots of long dark hairs all over the master bedspread. We called and asked if they could replace the cover and what they could do about the ants.

They said house cleaners are supposed to wear hairnets and they don’t. They said they would bring a new cover still in the wrapper for us and bleach the counters, but then come the next day and do a bug spray.

We went out to dinner and when we came back they had bleached the counter, but instead of leaving the cover still in plastic they had put it on the bed, once again leaving dark hairs all over. I called again and the front desk person, Santiago, came over with a new cover.

I asked if he wanted to see what I was talking about so he came in. While he was there, I figured I may as well check further down to make sure there weren’t hairs and as we down layer by layer, sure enough, there continued to be hairs and we got all the way down to the mattress and I just about threw up.

There were multiple urine stains and a huge blood stain on the mattress! I was in shock. Santiago and Robert, who took over, gave us another room across the parking lot. Robert said he inspected it and it was fine, but actually on the sheet and mattress pad was fresh blood.

I took those off and used the ones from the closet and then moved my sleeping daughter over. Again see pictures. I was told someone would call us the next day.. still waiting for that call and we’ve been checked out since 3/21.. so I called and the housekeeping manager brought a new mattress in, to our original room.

He said the mattress pads don’t get changed every time, only when there are stains, but he didn’t say what they normally do when there are stains.. so be warned you could be sleeping on a dirty, disgusting mattress like we had.

Because of this debacle, we had to move our first fast pass around and didn’t end up getting to the magic kingdom until later than we planned, so we missed some time in the park. They also never came to do anything about the ants. Never once did we get a follow-up call about anything. Terrible customer service.