CLC Encantada Resort

CLC Encantada Resort

Very Dirty

I’m really confused about the AWESOME reviews for Encantada Resort.

Maybe it was just our villa that was filthy.

The best thing about the villa was that it was close to the theme parks.

However 8577 Bay Lilly Loop was really quite a disappointment.

First of all, it looked as if the baseboards in the villa had never been cleaned and things were really dusty. The walls were more than scuffed up. This was supposed to be a “luxury” villa. It was very hot when we arrived. It was set to 80. We were told we could have the thermostat no lower than 74, so we set it there and it was still burning up in the villa. Also, the floors looked/felt quite displeasing. There were hairs all over the floor in the bathrooms as well as dirty sinks.

The master bedroom sheets looked dirty and had lent rolls all over them, and the comforter actually had stains on it. The couch and kitchen chairs were stained as well. The toilet brushes in the bathroom all looked hideous, and the laminate flooring felt very dirty and greasy. The upstairs master bathroom barely flushed. We had to keep flushing. They charge a cleaning fee but it looks like the unit is rarely cleaned.

Also, the tv is the smallest in the master bedroom, while the two bedrooms with twin beds have larger TVs. My 2 children (ages 2 and 6) were sitting on the edge of the bed watching TV and the bed started to flip up (not safe).

We called and Moaned about the cleanliness and the safety of the bed. We also called about how hot it was. A guy came to look at the bed and said there was nothing he could do that this was how the beds are made. We also told him that the pool was dirty and he said that was something for the pool guy to handle and that he would let the proper persons know. Nothing was ever done and the pool was never cleaned. We also informed him that the ceiling fan wasn’t working correctly in the guest room. Nothing was done about that. The only thing he did about the heat he turned the thermostat to 71..which we were told we could not do.

There were obviously problems with the AC b/c it was still too hot at 71. Also when the lady came to clean she was very nice, however, she only changed the sheets and nothing was done about the nasty comforter. She did come and sweep and mop the upstairs floors for us, and we told her don’t worry about the bottom floor since we would be in the house and had 2 small children. She said she would come back to fold the sheets after they dried, however, she never came back. Also, we got a note on our door saying that critters control would be coming, which was fine since we would be at Disney World at the time. However, there were still tons of ants out by the pool (which was dirty). Definitely won’t be staying at Encantada again unless we get a different house.